Project Partners

The project has three main partners:

  1. TRIAD is a Norwegian SME with more than 30 years experience in research, development and testing of remote sensor technology for maritime applications. TRIAD is the project lead and brings in competence on radar system design, sea surface radar scattering processes and maritime radar data processing.
  2. Floating Power Plant is a Danish SME with an unique, patented floating wind and wave co-generation device.  Their floating power plant has already delivered power to the commercial grid. Floating Power Plant is en route to deliver full scale devices for commercial deployment in 2020. Floating Power Plant is developing operational control algorithms based on the sensor output data.
  3. Uni Research Polytec is a Norwegian Research institute with core expertise in operative met-ocean forecasting and wave modelling. Uni Research Polytec is in charge of wave modelling and interfacing system data to forecast models.