Operative test at Unitech Zefyros

The operative tests of the virtual wave buoy technology developed in the Eurostars project MORA takes place is hosted at the floating wind turbine Unitech Zefyros under the umbrella of the Sustainable Energy catapult (sustainableenergy.no).

The virtual wave buoy sensor and wave model integration system was put in operation at the turbine late July 2019. Operative testing will take place during the next 4 months.

In the MORA project Floating Power Plant, Triad AS and Uni Research Polytec have joined forces to improve the accuracy of short-term wave prediction by tighter integration of radar measurements and wave propagation models.

Unitech Zefyros by Hywind Technology (formerly known as Hywind Demo) is the worlds first commercial scale floating wind turbine and have delivered power to the Norwegian grid since 2009.